Prevent an international project being hampered because of differences in culture.

Awareness of cultural differences is an essential element in the smooth running of your international projects. Through practical experience of tough negotiations, hard encounters and successful results on an international level, CoG brings our extensive knowledge to your project. We have developed a seminar which provides your project team with a recipe for effective interaction and communication across cultural borders, both within Europe and further afield into Russia, Saudi and West Africa. 

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Obstructions while doing business with another culture are often caused by misunderstandings. These misunderstandings are often the result of miscommunication.

They can lead to irritation, resistance; and ultimately a standstill in project progress. A half-delivered or partially-paid product can be the result.

We will show you the obstuction causes and how you can do better.

Communication across Borders will show you how to make yourself understood in another culture.

Unique situations and combinations of persons lead to ever renewed challenges.

We adapt our seminar to your specific situation.

Our inter-cultural expertise

Communication across Borders is an initiative of Bert van Dijk. Bert has amassed more than 20 years of experience in intercultural communication. As Business Development Director, he has worked with organisations in West Africa, the Middle-East, the Russian Region and the Arabian Peninsula; particularly on larger EPIC projects in the Energy Industry. Hard encounters led to amazement and interest in the issue at hand, followed by a full study Sociology (MSc 2007).

CoG offers

- analysis,
- advise and
- (optionally) hands-on support  

on the basis of
- research by the giants before us ( Prof. Geert Hofstede ),
- applied sociology,
- a lot of practice all using mentioned social science; and
- a warm network.

In addition to a fixed Theme-area each month (resp. Russia, Saudi or Nigeria) we are open for requests related to the area handed in by your organisation.

Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Oman

Arabian Peninsula

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At our seminars, we don't simply ask that you to attend a lecture, take notes and see to apply it yourself later. Instead we will put your case central continuously; show what needs to change;  deduce the wanted work-recipe; and offer to walk the talk for some time after. Your seminar will unfold as follows:

Day 1 – Motive

We start the Seminar at the end of the day. After introducing both the Participants and the Seminar we will collect the target of all involved. During this evening session, through our 'Business Game' Exercise you'll experience the struggle to communicate and define your goals for these coming 4 day-parts

Day 2 - Conduct

The following morning, we dive into the subject of culture and how exactly it affects our communication. We define what comes together to form effective communication and how one should act across given cultural borders.

Day 3 - Realise

The climax of our days of learning, these final sessions will re-define the struggles we face and provide actionable steps to solve them. Finally, we practise and refine the tools we've learned, then reflect on our sessions together.

Follow up

At the end we agree a date for the come back afternoon, for evaluation and feedback on first results. This is inclusive. Optional we are available for support of your communication, and if you want at local negotiations during a longer period of time after the seminar.